Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Stacey Yacula Stamp Give Away from Purple Onion Designs

I just wanted to let you know about a chance to win a wonderful new set of Stacey Yacula's winter stamps, from Purple Onion Designs. Stacey's designs are just beautiful...
The set is being released on 1st November, and available to buy on the Purple Onion website on 11th November.

Here is the information, from Michele's Purple Onion blog: 

There will be a giveaway of the entire Winter Wishes! stamp collection by Michele and Stacey.  The collection contains 26 individual super cute unmounted stamps!  Michele will hold a giveaway on her blog and Stacey is holding one on her blog here.  Make sure you pop over to Stacey's blog as well as the Purple Onion blog, for another chance to win this collection.
Here is how you could win from Purple Onion:
1.  Follow Purple Onion Designs on Twitter (there is a link in the upper left hand column on the Purple Onion Blog).  The Twitter account is @PurpleOnionRS.
2.  Tweet about the giveaway or Purple Onion Designs in general.  Make sure you include @PurpleOnionRS in the tweet so Michele can see it. 
3.  Leave a comment on Michele's blog post telling her how you found out about the giveaway and share what project(s) you have planned to create for the upcoming holiday season.
4.  Subscribe to the Purple Onion blog (there is a sign up in the left hand column on the Purple Onion blog).
5.  Sign up for the Purple Onion Designs Newsletter (sign up along the left hand column on the Purple Onion blog).
Now you don't have to do all of these to win.  The winner will be randomly chosen but your odds are greater by doing as many of these as possible.  Michele is sure she will be feeling generous and will do some smaller prizes for a winner in each category!
The giveaway runs from now till midnight EST on Thursday, October 31st.  Michele will announce the winner(s) on her blog Friday morning.  Good luck!


  1. Hi Michele ... I am a bit confused, my web browser is not showing any options in the left column ... I do follow you through feedly and that is how I found about the contest, by reading your blog ....
    thanks for all the inspiration and fun and looking forward for more Purple Onion inspiration from you!
    Sandra ltb

  2. got it ... you are not Michele you are Helen and you copied Michele's note here .... very confusing - anyway - still love your site, thanks for the inspiration!
    Sandra ltb

    1. Hi Sandra,
      Thanks ever so much for your feed-back! I did mention that this was taken from Michele's Purple Onion blog, but I have made a couple of changes, so hopefully it's now a bit clearer for everyone! Thanks again,
      Helen x