Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Sparkly Pink Cupcakes

And finally in my little craft-catch-up, here are some cupcakes I made for the Macmillan Charity Coffee Morning, last week.

Sock Monkies!

I recently got the urge to make a sock monkey! My daughter, Lucy and I had bought a load of cheap socks a while ago, for that purpose, and then my brother showed me one he had made, and it spurred me on!
There are a few variations on how to make them - all fairly similar, using a pair of any kind of socks. There are tonnes of tutorials on YouTube.
 I think she is rather hip!
Then last week, Harry was off school recovering from a sick bug, and he wanted to make one too...
Meet Malcolm the (slightly lumpily stuffed) Monkey:
(Harry loves him.)

Quilt Show

A couple of weekends ago, I went to a local quilt show I had found out about from a friend's mother-in-law. I took my 5 year old with me, so I thought it would just be a flying visit, but on the door they asked Harry and I to pick our favourite quilt, and enter it in a secret ballot box. Harry then took great delight in going round each and every quilt to choose his favourite (He had about 13 favourites...)
This mini quilt most appealed to me.
The show was held in an old church.
Here's the quilt which Harry finally chose as his most favourite!

Oven Gloves

Earlier in the year I went to a Cath Kidston outlet shop, and bought some fabric which matches my kitchen nicely - I started making these oven gloves ages ago, and got round to finishing them off last month. I found doing the bias binding a bit tricky, but it's OK if no-one looks at them too closely!

Time to catch up! End of School Gifts

I have dismally neglected my blog - I know, but to be honest, I've been rather pre-occupied this year, and haven't actually done much crafting. (Not that that's stopped me acquiring craft books, mind you...) I'll catch up with what I have done anyway.
At the end of the school year in July, we decided to make all the teachers and teaching assistants some pencil cookies, which idea I got from one of my new books:They turned out quite cute, but I was there on the second to last day of term wondering why on earth I hadn't picked something simpler, instead of having to ice 80-odd pencils!