Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Tomorrow I'm off to America for a couple of weeks, with my husband (obviously to buy crafting & quilting supplies...), so no pictures here for a little while! Bye bye!

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Ugly Quilt

I decided that it is all very well buying gorgeous new fabrics, but what about the stuff I have hoarded under my bed for years?
I am going to make a quilt with them. I don't even know why I have saved them, but they will not be wasted! Even if they are definitely NOT 100% cotton, NOT similar thicknesses, NOT new, and NOT pretty.
It's going to be my 'Ugly Quilt' - great for muddy picnics and soggy beaches.
I've sorted fabric by colours and want 6'' squares in a kind of rough rainbow, from top to bottom. The squares combinations I've sewn so far are still looking pretty ugly, but I am hoping for a wonderful caterpillar-butterfly transformation near the end! Wish me luck! Little scraps kept being asked for while I was sorting... I discovered their purpose: beds for my 4 year old's 'ratties' & other friends...

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Quilt No.2 Finished!

I got my wonky squares quilt finished off this morning! I'm pretty happy with it - and it seemed to get done incredibly fast compared to my first quilt. My lovely daughter (who is not a giant, just standing on a chair) helping me: (Dull wet day here, so very gloomy pics.)I'm glad my sums worked and that I divided up the pieces for the coloured strip on the back, right!
This was only a cheap quilt really - I used a white sheet for most of the fabric. It has a slightly different feel to the nice Kona solids for example, kind of less 'absorbent' feeling. It's OK though.
You can see my (far from perfect) quilting better here. I just did it by eye, and it turned out pretty much how I imagined it. I am not keen on the quilting bit though - probably because it is hard to do perfectly. (I unpicked a few lines where the fabric had little folds, and some of the lines do not flow smoothly). I don't know if I will get better with experience, or if my small & old machine is not ideal - probably a combination of both. Maybe I should try a quilt that just uses straight lines next!I used the Amy Butler for the binding (3'' wide) because that was the only fabric from the quilt that I had enough of... the rest I had only bought in fat quarts. And now this quilt has a new owner - my 4 year old went crazy for it, and he's already got it laid out on his bed. I didn't think he would like it because of all the pink - I had a nice cars one planned for him - but orange is his favourite colour and he loves the quilt, so it's his.

Friday, 19 March 2010

Wonky Squares Quilt put together

I got my squares for my wonky quilt finished on Wednesday night, then yesterday put them together. The quilting bug has got me bad - I was so excited seeing it all come together!Oh how much I enjoyed last night! - kids in bed, me with some great music on the big old headphones, and pinning up my quilt... I love how this quilt is turning out - it's totally impractical, with so much white and 4 muck-magnet kids, and the colours match nothing whatsoever in the house, but the colours and fabrics just make me smile!

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Water Bottle Holder

Spring is in the air today - it was actually warm, and Harry got thirsty from running home after school. I said I'd make him a water bottle carrier, to take with him in future.
I'd seen the idea here for one, some time ago.
I didn't make mine the same way though - instead just made the body of the holder out of one rectangle of fabric, sewed it into a tube, sewed across the bottom, and then sewed across two of the bottom corners to make a square bottom.
Not exactly sure about the fabric combination here, but Harry chose, and he's 4, so I suppose it could have been worse!
We also got a new vacuum cleaner today (after the old one blew up last week), and Harry spent quite some time this afternoon trying it out - with his trusty water bottle at his side of course!! He is very proud of it!

Monday, 15 March 2010

Quilted Pillow & Birthday Card

I put the back of Jack's pillow together yesterday - fitted a zip etc, and then attached the quilted front and put on the binding. We couldn't decide which fabric to use for the binding, so used lots of different ones. It measures about 30 inches across.
Also made a card for a friend - it's very similar to a past one I've made, but I really like the glitter and weird colour combination!
I used StazOn ink to stamp a Melissa Frances sentiment onto acetate, and attached it with a foam pad cut into tiny bits, then hidden with gems. I used acrylic paint on the edges, with Doodlebug glitter and Stickles glitter glue. The stamps are from Gel-a-tins Spring Garden.

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

I had set aside yesterday morning to make Mother's day cards for my Mum and Scott's Mum, but most of it got spent at the doctor's with my youngest, so two very quick cards here! I used the layout from Papertake Weekly, and the idea of using Daffodils from DCM, for Scott's Mum's card.
For my Mum's, I used the idea from Wednesday Stamper to do some hand doodling.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Mini Quilt for Charlie

I made this mini quilt last night for my friends' fantastic little boy, Charlie. He has Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome, and is due for his third open heart surgery later this month.
I wanted to send him something bright and cheerful to wish him well.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

My first quilt finished & New fabrics

A few photos... I have finished my very first quilt, that I started as a New Year's resolution this January. I just love how weighty and kind of crinkly it is!Harry, my youngest, modelling.
(Somewhat reluctantly...)
I stitched some writing for the back.
Ermm... In the short time I have been quilting I seem to have developed a fabric addiction...
These all arrived in the last week or so. I like too many different styles of fabric, and have SO many ideas buzzing round my head - my skill levels and free time just need to catch up now!
I love these ones best
I didn't realise I had chosen so many spots!
And a few more random ones...
Now it's just a question of where to start next. I also need to make some cards... we celebrated seven family birthdays this past weekend, and I only gave 2 handmade ones - the rest were actually bought! I hadn't bought a card for literally years. Oh well, blame quilting.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Best Wishes Card

I wanted a traditional looking card for some friends of ours who are moving away, and used the sketch at 2 Sketches 4 You for the layout.
Materials were all scrap stuff I've had for ages, except for the red and cream fabric button which I just covered myself. I found some really nice and not too expensive metal buttons with the gadget for covering them on ebay.

Monday, 1 March 2010

Painfully slow quilting!

Piecing is fun, but the quilting bit is harder! I have been doing some wiggly quilting, with roses at each sash junction on the big quilt, and some in-the-ditch and big hand stitching on the squares. More wiggly quilting on the pillow. It is slow progress, and my fingers hurt from unpicking!