Monday, 23 August 2010

Sewing in France

My daughter and I are in McDonalds in France - with internet access! Just a quick post... thought I would show you my little sewing corner in our living room over here.Something I have wanted to make for ages - bunting. Finally made some out here, and love how it turned out!
Lots of half-square triangles for my Aviary fabrics quilt. I got most of the quilt top sewn together, but then disaster... my sewing machine needle snapped! I don't have another with me and there are hardly any shops round here, never mind sewing shops!! So just been working on my hand sewn hexie quilt when I get jittery fingers now...
Off to Paris this week, then England at the weekend. This really feels like home here, and I'm not sure I want to get back! (Though I am craving that new needle...)