Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Kids' Crafts

This week is the kids' half-term holidays, and for the first part of the week we've had a quiet time at home. My youngest two boys would happily watch films and squabble all day, so I have encouraged some creative stuff...
Acrylic paint and some lining paper kept Harry happy for quite some time. We don't really do much for Halloween, but I thought we might as well have a theme! Harry told me what to draw for an outline, and he painted it in.
The finished article!
When a holiday is coming up, I usually start collecting a cardboard box full of boxes/cartons/rolls etc, for the kids to do junk modelling. Tom started off making a home for Playmobil people, but this somehow morphed into a villain's lair, under the base of the Statue of Liberty (an evil version!)
There are little stairs and things made from cardboard inside the box. It has yet to be painted. I think it's quite inventive, if a little worrying!
Harry was busy working on a fortress, complete with with drive-in garage, which later had the addition of a working portcullis, and huge roof. Yes, the whole house is a complete tip!
Harry came to me on Monday with this picture he had drawn, which he wanted laminating. He has been really interested in birds for the last few months, and I have been buying cheap books on Amazon of birds from around the world. Anyway, I thought this was pretty good for a seven year old to do on his own!
Harry and I also worked on some bats and spooky canning jars.
We used Eileen Hull's Sizzix 'Canning Jars' die, and had fun filling them with horrible things. I love Harry's eyeballs! We grungied up the metallic lids with Tim Holtz Distress paint, and used some of his dies. 

Some of the products used:



  1. Such fun activities for the kids - and such wonderful creations they did. The bird drawing is outstanding!

    Cheers, Karen A

  2. Ditto what Karen A said! Wow! Great projects, wonderful creativity and I want to hire Harry to draw for me!

  3. Helen: Your kids are artistic geniuses, just like their mother. Children inherit their creativity from Mommy. I love to see kids do art because they do it to have just have fun. Kudos to you Helen for providing them the opportunity to be creative. Can I come over and play...I mean do art with them? :-)

    1. Ha ha! - thanks Ro! You can come by and play any time!