Saturday, 5 April 2014

Crazy 4 Challenges 'Sweet Pea' Pop It Ups Pivot Baby Card

 The challenge over at the Crazy 4 Challenges Blog today, is to 'Go Veggie', with a Vegetable garden themed project!
I was a bit stumped for a while, then remembered a Cricut cartridge I have called 'Country Life' with some lovely images on it, from which I cut the layered peas, and 'Sweet Pea' phrase.
The shadow layers were cut from dark pink Shimmer Sheetz from ECD (it looks red in the photos for some reason), and the lettering and little flowers were cut from light pink Shimmer Sheetz. I was pleased at how well the Cricut cut the Shimmer Sheetz!
I added the little white dots on the peas with Enamel Accents.

 I used the Pop It Ups Katie Lavel Pivot Card die set for the card base, along with paper from American Craft's Polka Dot Party 12x12 pad, and the green stripey paper from their Lucky Charm 12x12 pad.
I punched out a dark pink Shimmer Sheetz heart, and hand cut a smaller heart, which I embossed with ECD's Lots of Dots Embossing folder, as well as the two white background labels.
I glued on a little baby charm from my stash.

 For the card front, I just added some more of the stripey paper, a strip of light pink Shimmer Sheetz across the bottom, then glued on some pom-pom trim. (You can see them reflected in the Shimmer Sheetz - that stuff is super shiny!)

I might as well just mention how I seal the ends of my ribbon/trim so that they don't fray - just in case anyone's not come across this yet. I cut the ends, them melt them very briefly with a kitchen lighter like this. This will work with ribbon and trims which have a bit of man made fibre in (like grossgrains, satins, sheer ribbons etc, but not pure cotton twill, for example.) 

Some of the products used:



  1. love what you came up with for this week's challenge :)

  2. Sweet (Peas that is). Love the card and the peas.

  3. Wowza! What a fabulous card! Love all the detail and tis the lighter trick!

  4. Beautiful! Thanks for the tip.

  5. What a darling "sweet pea" card and I love the pom pom ribbon. Just adorable for a baby creation. I'm so happy to be joining the "crazies" for this month.

  6. A-dorable.......and perfect for the veggie challenge

  7. Wow this is a beautiful card!!! I'm really amazed at how your Cricut cuts - so smooth! Mine doesn't seem to cut nearly as well. Are you using the new Explore? I've heard that cuts better than the older models.

    1. Hi Karen - thank you! I just have the old smaller Cricut - the one before the Expression one. Is your blade sharp still?