Saturday, 15 February 2014

Eileen Hull & Purple Onion Design Card & How to make a deep envelope using an Envelope Punch Board

I spent yesterday helping a lovely lady from church do some packing for her house move next week up to Lancashire. This evening we are hosting a Farewell party for her (so at some point I will tidy the house up a bit, and get the refreshments ready!) but I just wanted to show you a card I made for her this morning.

I used Eileen Hull's Garden Gate Album Scoreboard die for the card base, and just trimmed the tops of the fence posts down a little bit so you can see more of the scene behind.
The stamps are from a Purple Onion Designs set - Stephanie Ackerman's 'Home Sweet Home', plus the 'Doodle Flower Set', and I cut them all out with Cutter Bee scissors.
I used a variety of 6x6 paper pads (shown in the links at the very bottom).
 I drew the brow of the hills, and the garden path myself with a fine Sharpie pen, to imitate the style of the stamps.
 Eileen's Garden Gate Album die comes in two parts, which I attached to each other with brads. You can add some pages if you want to, in the space it creates, but I just kept it as a card, liking the dimension provided.
 I then realised I had made rather a deep card, so made my own envelope using the We R Memory Keepers Envelope Punch Board.

If you need to make a deep envelope, here's how:

I wanted a 6 x 6'' finished envelope size, and the instructions on the board told me that I need a 9.5 x 9.5'' piece of paper for the envelope. I added an inch to this, cutting out a 10.5 x 10.5'' piece of paper.
The instruction on the board told me that I should line up my first edge at 4 3/4'', which I did and then punched and scored the line as usual, but then I moved the paper along to the left by another inch (I had to use a ruler to measure this, because the board doesn't extend that far), and punched again and drew in another score line parallel to the first.
I then continued repeating this with the other three sides.

 Adding on the extra inch to the paper dimensions doesn't create an envelope which is an inch deep, but one which is approx. 11/16ths'' deep.
I then scored all the fold lines, and snipped out the extra corner pieces.

I found the best way to stick the envelope together is to put a bit of runner tape on the end of one of the side flaps, and stick the sides together first, making sure the sides look nice and square. Then I put runner tape along the edges of the bottom flap, and with my fingers inside the envelope pushed the taped edge down.

...add a little decoration...

...and my big fat card fits in perfectly!

Pat - the friend who is moving - is a talented artist, and when I went to visit her once, she surprised me with this painting she'd copied from one of my Facebook photos of my husband and I! I was speechless!

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  1. Helen what a nice friend you are... and so she is she! That painting is amazing! Love this card and that you adapted the die shape to what you wanted. Thanks for using the Garden Gate!

  2. What a wonderfull card Helen !!! I love it :)).

    Hugs Monique

  3. Dear Helen: What a fun card to look at. So colorful and full of whimsy. Also, thanks for the box tutorial. Love Eileen's dies and you certainly do them justice!