Friday, 17 September 2010

New Fabric!

The fabrics which I bought from Kerri at Sew Dearly Loved arrived today... hurrah!!
They are a slightly odd assortment - I have no plans whatsoever for them - just liked them!(And some more spots of course)
I've spent yesterday and today cutting out pieces for 2 quilts which I am overseeing the making of at a church activity. They are lap quilts for an old people's home, which we have been visiting. I am supposed to be using scraps & fabrics that have been donated, but am having a hard time making them look nice - I keep adding more of my own fabrics. Still not sure I will like them that much. I may or may not post pictures of them later!

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  1. Hi Helen, thanks for your comment on my post asking for blocks for Lizzie's friend Sue. I cannot email you as you have no email on your profile but if you mail me (my email is on my profile) I will mail you back with my address. Thanks for dropping by!

    Btw, love all the fabrics you have bought and you have made an amazing amount of very lovely quilts allready! I have been quilting over 2 years now and am only on quilt four and still learning. You are clearly a natural!