Tuesday, 9 March 2010

My first quilt finished & New fabrics

A few photos... I have finished my very first quilt, that I started as a New Year's resolution this January. I just love how weighty and kind of crinkly it is!Harry, my youngest, modelling.
(Somewhat reluctantly...)
I stitched some writing for the back.
Ermm... In the short time I have been quilting I seem to have developed a fabric addiction...
These all arrived in the last week or so. I like too many different styles of fabric, and have SO many ideas buzzing round my head - my skill levels and free time just need to catch up now!
I love these ones best
I didn't realise I had chosen so many spots!
And a few more random ones...
Now it's just a question of where to start next. I also need to make some cards... we celebrated seven family birthdays this past weekend, and I only gave 2 handmade ones - the rest were actually bought! I hadn't bought a card for literally years. Oh well, blame quilting.


  1. wow, this looks amazing! i love your finished quilt--it's superb :D

    but then again, those fabrics look way too yummy too! i just went to the fabric store last night to get some fabric for frames, and i spent wayyy too much money.

  2. Such a beautiful quilt. So many hours but so lovely now it's finished. Your youngest looks cute wrapped in it. And all those new fabrics promise new projects. Have fun with all you're doing Helen.

  3. Good grief Helen! You must have spent a small fortune. I think the are all great mind-you know how I love fabrics. Happy sewing.

  4. Helen you really captured beauty...I now have you on my blog list sew I will be checking up on you ...lol...We have very similar taste in fabric, I love dots, roses, aqua, reds....mmmmm
    What is your next project? you just keep following that creative heart of yours..
    blessings madame samm