Tuesday, 16 June 2020

Hallway Mural in our New Home

Hello!!!! I sincerely hope this post finds you and your loved ones happy and well during this unsettling time.
My family moved into our permanent home in Cornwall a couple of weeks before lockdown, after a moving process that took nearly a year, and involved living in three interim houses (not including Airbnb's!!) with just skeleton possessions. My husband drove back to Cambridgeshire with a van and collected most of our belongings that were still in storage, two days before lockdown! 
We got unpacked quickly, and ever since I have been painting the whole house with three coats of white paint.
A few weeks ago though, I got fed-up of just painting things white, so thought it would be fun to paint a mural in the hallway. I wasn't scared of it looking too awful or being too bright, because I figured I'd just pain over it again after lockdown!
Anyway, here it is!

I looked on the internet for ideas, and used some flowers/vegetation that I came across for loose inspiration, but mainly I just made things up as I went along. I'd draw an element in pencil first, then it would take about three coats of paint. I took quite a bit of time over getting the lines neat. I think I worked on for about four days solid.
I used paints that I already had on hand. The background was already matt white emulsion paint, and for the colours I mainly used white Frenchic paint, with kids' acrylic paints from Wilkos mixed in. I also used a couple of other Frenchic paints too. I stuck to a reasonably limited palate of colours I am planning on using elsewhere in the house.
I also painted the banister in Frenchic paint (a colour I mixed up myself), to tie in with one of the colours used in the mural, and also the bluey-grey stair carpet which we are keeping. (The hallway floor is going to be tiled though.)

Here's the before (from the estate agent's leaflet):

I painted an old mirror frame in one of the colours from the mural too.

 In the living room (which currently houses all the dining room furniture too, because my daughter has come home for lockdown and moved into the dining room!), I also painted the double doors a similar duck egg blue. It's been so immensely satisfying to see all the reddy-brown varnished woodwork change to pale blues and whites!
I also finally got brave enough to hang a couple of my own pieces of art on the wall - the kingfisher drawing, and the sea painting.

The only question now is, how long does the mural stay?! It's quite grown on me, so maybe it will survive beyond lockdown!


  1. Hi Helen. I just found your blog from Pinterest and looking for Stephanie Banards flip it cards. Love your cards! Congrats on your move. Wow, love what you did to the wall.

  2. I love your mural. so bright and cheerful.

  3. Love your mural, gorgeous colours. Your choice of those blues and white is so restful
    Best of luck with your move and your new business. One of these days life will get back to some kind of normality!

  4. Tolle Farben, ist echt super gut geworden finde ich.Wünsche dir weiterhin viel Erfolg und Spaß in den Apartments Kastelruth !Lg Josy