Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Elizabeth Craft Designs Barn Pop Stand Card Tutorial

Hi everyone! I have the following tutorial on the Elizabeth Craft Designs Blog today...

I’m sure by now you will have seen Karen Burniston’s fabulous new Farm Collection – I love how it all works together so well! I thought today I’d show you a Barn Pop Stand card featuring Brownie the Cow and a stamp from the new Farm Greetings Clear Stamps set.


1. Cut turquoise patterned cardstock to 11”x 4 ¾’’. Fold cardstock in half, and die cut with the large Pop Stand die (from the Barn Pop Stand set) across the fold line. Do two more die cuts with the smaller Pop Stand die (from the Hay There Pop Stand set) in the positions as shown in the picture below.

2. Cut all the pieces as pictured below: Pink backing cardstock (measuring  8’’x 4 ¾’’), two cream hay stacks (from the Hay There Pop Stand set), a Brownie the Cow, pieces for the barn (from the Barn Pop Stand set), a pink cardstock backing rectangle (using die from Rectangle Accordion set), a stamped cream rectangle (using die from Accordion Rectangle set), a cream stitched label with a black ‘Hay There’ (both from the Hay There Pop Stand set), a strip of pink gingham ribbon (4 ¾’’ long) and a pink gingham bow.

3. Assemble Brownie the Cow as shown in the picture below. Glue on a paper rose.

4. Adhere all the smaller barn pieces to one of the pink patterned cardstock barn sides, as shown below. Adhere this barn side to the front two tabs next to the card’s centre fold. Adhere the unembellished barn side to the back two tabs, and stick the two barn sides together, with a bit of double-sided adhesive in the top section of the barn roofs.

5. Adhere Brownie the Cow to one half of the remaining tabs, nearest to the barn. (I taped the other half flat, from underneath the card.)
N.B. The patterned cardstock needs to be quite thick to support the weight of Brownie. If your cardstock is too ‘bendy’ add a small extra strip of cardstock to the fold of the tab, from underneath the card.

6. Adhere the two hay bales to the remaining two tabs.

7. Adhere the stamped rectangle on top of the pink rectangle, and adhere to the card base.

8. Adhere the ribbon strip across the back of the card base, and the bow to the corner of the stamped sentiment.

9. Adhere the pink cardstock to the back of the card.

I hope you enjoy coming up with variations of your own Farm scenes using these and the other fabulous new dies!


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