Monday, 9 April 2012

Easter Cake

I made a fruit cake some weeks ago (because I was mourning the last of my Christmas cake), and happily, its maturing coincided with Easter, so here is my Easter cake.
I only got round to decorating it last night after the kids went to bed, but no-one else likes fruit cake in the family, so actually it's just for me!
 It was my first go at what I would call a 'proper cake', so I covered the cake board in fondant (ready-to-roll) icing first, and had a go at making large roses, with CMC powder added to fondant icing, to make it a bit firmer to work with. The roses had set nice had hard by this morning. The cake has a layer of natural marzipan under the icing.
 I glued some cardboard flags to thread, and tied them to bamboo kebab sticks, for the bunting.
 And then the best bit... getting to eat it!


  1. Your cake and roses are absolutely beautiful!
    Happy Easter to you and your family.

  2. A truly beautiful cake Helen!

  3. Wow! Your cake is awesome! Very beautiful! :)

  4. A beautiful creation by you once again!! I just love love love those little rosettes!