Saturday, 20 March 2010

Quilt No.2 Finished!

I got my wonky squares quilt finished off this morning! I'm pretty happy with it - and it seemed to get done incredibly fast compared to my first quilt. My lovely daughter (who is not a giant, just standing on a chair) helping me: (Dull wet day here, so very gloomy pics.)I'm glad my sums worked and that I divided up the pieces for the coloured strip on the back, right!
This was only a cheap quilt really - I used a white sheet for most of the fabric. It has a slightly different feel to the nice Kona solids for example, kind of less 'absorbent' feeling. It's OK though.
You can see my (far from perfect) quilting better here. I just did it by eye, and it turned out pretty much how I imagined it. I am not keen on the quilting bit though - probably because it is hard to do perfectly. (I unpicked a few lines where the fabric had little folds, and some of the lines do not flow smoothly). I don't know if I will get better with experience, or if my small & old machine is not ideal - probably a combination of both. Maybe I should try a quilt that just uses straight lines next!I used the Amy Butler for the binding (3'' wide) because that was the only fabric from the quilt that I had enough of... the rest I had only bought in fat quarts. And now this quilt has a new owner - my 4 year old went crazy for it, and he's already got it laid out on his bed. I didn't think he would like it because of all the pink - I had a nice cars one planned for him - but orange is his favourite colour and he loves the quilt, so it's his.


  1. I'm amazed how fast you can crank these quilts out. It's gorgeous!

  2. Really gorgeous!!! I bet your son fell in love with it!

  3. Hello Helen, again a lovely one are bitten there is no doubt about it...
    love your stripes for the back...neat effect...
    and I am with is on the wow factor..blessings madame samm

  4. this quilt is amazing...i sooooo love everything about it!

  5. this is beautiful!! hope you have fun in the usa!!