Friday, 19 March 2010

Wonky Squares Quilt put together

I got my squares for my wonky quilt finished on Wednesday night, then yesterday put them together. The quilting bug has got me bad - I was so excited seeing it all come together!Oh how much I enjoyed last night! - kids in bed, me with some great music on the big old headphones, and pinning up my quilt... I love how this quilt is turning out - it's totally impractical, with so much white and 4 muck-magnet kids, and the colours match nothing whatsoever in the house, but the colours and fabrics just make me smile!


  1. And Helen, it makes me smile too...must be the spring thing...sunshine...this reminds me of a sunrise...You are bitten and there is no doubt about it...and we get to enjoy the view...
    bless you madame samm

  2. Hi!
    Your quilt will be sooooo nice! I love the colours in it:-)
    Found your blog through quilting gallery forum, and I became a follower right away. You make a lot of beautiful things!
    Big hugs from Synnoeve in Norway.

  3. i love this too! i would totally do something exactly like you: make a quilt just for the colors :D

    looking great!

  4. Hi Helen. Wow! Your quilt is fabulous. Your cards are cute too and if you enjoy challenges, drop by where we've just posted our third challenge. Would love to have you play along!