Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Ugly Quilt

I decided that it is all very well buying gorgeous new fabrics, but what about the stuff I have hoarded under my bed for years?
I am going to make a quilt with them. I don't even know why I have saved them, but they will not be wasted! Even if they are definitely NOT 100% cotton, NOT similar thicknesses, NOT new, and NOT pretty.
It's going to be my 'Ugly Quilt' - great for muddy picnics and soggy beaches.
I've sorted fabric by colours and want 6'' squares in a kind of rough rainbow, from top to bottom. The squares combinations I've sewn so far are still looking pretty ugly, but I am hoping for a wonderful caterpillar-butterfly transformation near the end! Wish me luck! Little scraps kept being asked for while I was sorting... I discovered their purpose: beds for my 4 year old's 'ratties' & other friends...


  1. YOU just crack me up Helen...I can't say what will happen with your so called "treasures" but I do anticipate it has to be better than what you can imagine..Promise ME? lol...
    blessings ms

  2. cool idea--and it's the same thing for me and my paper scraps... i feel like i need to use them up :D sometimes it's not pretty, but i have a feeling that yours will turn out just fine (and i love rainbows!)

  3. I smiled when I saw this picture! My little 4yo daughter does exactly the same with my fabrics... and she has the exact same "kitty" too. I love to see kids play like this!! I often have to cut out more fabric strips because she has nicked off with them!

    Your quilts are beautiful Helen, and I love the pics of your kids (and hubby) snuggled up in the Great Outdoors!!! :-)

    Warm regards!!
    Vikki :-)