Saturday, 12 May 2012

Super Cheat Cake!

My sister told me a while ago about a super cheat cake, so I thought I'd give it a go to celebrate my birthday last week... I have quite a few photos of the process, thanks to Lucy, my 14 year old daughter taking 214 photos in the short time it took to assemble it!!! (Hmm...wonder who she takes after?)
So: Ready made flans (though next time I would make a Victoria sponge cake and use layers of that - more moist), Tins of Caramel (I used ready made condensed milk caramel), tinned peaches sliced very thin, double cream whipped up with some icing sugar (and I added some creme fraiche for the outer layer), and fresh fruit to decorate.

 Layer 1 with the toffee spread on, and a peach layer going on top of that. After that put on some cream, then the next flan case:
 Second layer ready for some cream:
 Third layer with the cream going on top:
 The whole thing covered...
 ...then roughly smoothed with a palette knife:
 Stick some fruit on, et voila!
 It tasted pretty good straight away, but was better after a bit longer, once the flan had moistened up. This is why I would use proper Victoria sponge cake - the flan sagged a bit as it got more moist, whereas I think the cake would keep its shape.

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  1. Happy late birthday! This cake look yummy and it's beautiful!