Saturday, 24 March 2012

A couple of bits

Nice and simple birthday cards for twins who's party one of my sons went to today. The alphabet letter stickers on the little tags are microscopic!! Didn't realise quite how small they were when I was ordering them!
I am swamped with tonnes of beautiful fabric at the moment. I bought several packages from America (don't ask me about the £40 customs fees...) and I am happily chopping it into little pre-cut patchwork squares packs, and also making die-cut appliques. I took delivery of a 25 metre roll of fusible webbing today, so that should keep me going for a while! I have been selling them.
 Some of the applique packs I made up today. (And my new Cath Kidston jug - took a nice little trip to their factory outlet shop yesterday!)
I was quite excited to see a couple of Youtube tutorials recently, on cutting out iron-on fabric shapes with a Cricut machine. You have to iron on the fusible webbing first, then some people lay it onto the cutting mat, fabric side down (though I think you would get through a lot if mats this way - they would lose their stick pretty quickly), and other people spray starch on the fabric, iron it, then it is OK to cut it fabric side up. I'm dying to try it out, but as luck would have it, my Cricut machine died last week! I managed to get a new machine today on ebay though, for £50, so I'll have the chance to experiment soon enough!


  1. I have been experimenting with my Cricut and fabric too...and so far love the outcome! Excited to see what you create.

  2. You can re-use Cricut mats. Clean off all of the old sticky, then spray them with canned adhesive. I haven't tried it myself, but I know that you can google the insructions.