Thursday, 23 September 2010

Happy Houses

I've been asked to do a stall at a Christmas fayre - I have a vague vision of some handmade cards, and sewn things, and the other day I actually made a start... one padded heart. Hopefully I will get round to making some more things soon.

Two nights ago though, I started a new quilt. I had designed a house square for the first quilt I made, and I think it was my favourite square, so I decided to just make loads of houses and take it from there. I'll probably add lots of colourful pieced borders, bright hand quilting, buttons, appliqued trees, flowers & birds etc...
I had a wonderful evening - happily pulling out tonnes of bits of fabric and sewing willy nilly - no measuring or careful cutting whatsoever - fun!!

I just roughly cut the house elements,

Sew into sections,
Straighten edges,
Sew together and square off.
More of my Happy Houses... Harry picking out his favourite house so far.


  1. I love the idea of that quilt so much, you are so talented. I would so buy that quilt!!

  2. Love the house quilt!Look fab. I did a whole load of hearts for my Christmas stall. They sold really well, especially when you put a few cloves in them. Dry some orange slices and make a pomander type thing with some cinnamon sticks. They look and smell great. Good luck!

  3. you should take a stall in our Otley victorian fayre. There's going to be a whole indoor craft section for the first time this year!