Monday, 20 September 2010

Felt-tip roll Tutorial

Well - 'tutorial' sounds a bit grand... I was itching to just make something quick, and saw a picture in my book (this one) of a pencil/felt-tip roll, but I wanted a simpler version (and to be honest, I was lost 10 seconds into reading the instructions - I do better with pictures), so came up with this:

Cut 2 pieces of fabic & 1 piece of iron-on interfacing all to the same size. (Mine were about 25'' x 13'' - I just laid out my felt-tips and roughly guessed how big I wanted it.)
Iron interfacing onto the back of one of the fabric pieces, and put the fabric pieces right-sides together, then pin.

Sew round edges, leaving an opening at a short end. Turn right side out.

Iron the seams out flat, before pulling the whole thing into shape and ironing properly. (This just makes neater edges, and stops the seams from pulling inwards, when you iron the whole thing.)

Fold up the front, and iron. Decide how much of the pencil/felt-tip you want to have sticking out. Put 2 lengths of ribbon in the opening, for tie closes (or you might want matching fabric ties, or just one bit of fabric coming out with velcro on. I was just going for quick, here!)

Open out, pin ribbon in place, and sew all the way round the whole thing.
(This really is no work of art... I'm using up fabric I don't like much, and not sewing especially carefully! I don't think my 4 year old will mind too much. I may make some more attractive ones later on as gifts though!)

Work out roughly were you want the pockets to be, and mark them with pins. (Just try putting in your pencils etc. to see how wide. My pockets were 1.5'' wide, but that's for Berol felt-tips which are quite fat.)

Then sew up and down the rows, making pockets. Just sew across when you get to the top or the bottom of each row, so that all the pockets are made continuously.
Sew a straight line along the bottom of the pockets - sewing over the stitches already there from when you made the pockets. This will ensure all your pencils/felt-tips will sit at the same height as each other.
All done! I think my youngest will be quite happy with it when he gets in from school!
The one in the book is very pretty, and involves sewing a rainbow of fabrics into strips, for each pocket, and has a bit different construction.
I am happy though, because I got my 'making something' itch scratched!
I would love to see any that anyone else makes!


  1. do you remember when we were kids trying to decide which order the pink/grey/brown/black berols go in?!