Saturday, 12 June 2010

Starting a new quilt

Back from France now, and as well as working on my niece's quilt, I have started a new one. I saw a quite traditional design quilt in a magazine I bought in America (it's the one on the cover), and decided to give it a go, but with more modern fabrics. I've never followed a pattern before, but it's been OK. This may take me quite a long time though - there are so many little pieces of fabric per block - the smallest being 1''x 1''. I'll just do a square a week or so, on the side. The pattern calls for 30 8x8'' blocks. I decided that I'll add fabric covered buttons to the centre of each block when I've finished.Also today I went to my first ever quilting show - a display by a nearby village's quilting group. Some of the workmanship was wonderful! This quilt below was all painstakingly hand appliqued.
I put my name down on the waiting list to join the group.

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  1. Hi Helen, I just found your blog, it is wonderful. I can't believe you just started quilting, what a wonderful job you are doing. I see that you go to almost all the same blogs as me for quilting. I hardly ever comment on blogs but something about yours caught my eye. I have been reading going back a few months here. I hope you enjoyed America and I will be back to see your efforts on this new quilt, it is beautiful. I am going to have to go and buy this magazine now at my Joanne's, it is wonderful. Thanks!