Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Amy's Quilt

I got the top finished for my niece Amy's quilt today. I appliqued on her name and a kite (a hobby of her Dad's - he even managed to knock out one of my son's teeth with a kite once!), and chain stitched the string. Bit screwed up looking here - didn't get round to ironing it yet!(You can see the kite pattern a bit better on this one)Also today, the post lady brought me a new Sizzix die cutter - I have fancied doing a hand-sewn hexagon quilt since I saw a fantastic one at the quilt show last Saturday. The hexagons are quite small - 2'', so it will take me forever! (I let Harry choose the fabrics for the first 3 hexagons!)
I also got another block done for my 'Traditional Quilt'.

1 comment:

  1. WEll dearest Helen, you have done it again...left me aweeed by your creation...this young AMY will no doubt be comforted by all the love in your design...simply put....Heavenly.
    blessings ms