Monday, 22 February 2010

Kids' Crafts

My youngest son had his friend over today (who's Mum was poorly) - they spent a happy time stamping a Get Well card for her & making pictures. I was getting on with some quilting in the meantime, and Harry's friend was fascinated by the sewing machine. He wanted to do some sewing on it, and we compromised with the boys pushing the treddle under the table, while I steered the material (to make cushions) and yelled "STOP!" to them at the end of each row of sewing... They were MAJORLY proud of them, and even took their cushions with them on the school run to pick up their big brothers!


  1. Sounds like a fun day!

    That is really a neat idea to make get well cards when you have a friend over and their parent isn't feeling well.

    Blessed be, Cynthia

  2. The boys enjoyed themselves creating a nice card and you had 2 great helpers to finish your sewing.