Thursday, 25 February 2010

A bit more quilting progress

I went to my second quilting class on Tuesday - (not much sewing got done due to a power cut the whole time we were there!) but I was shown how to layer up the quilt parts and pin them, so today I did that with Lucy's quilt. I got the back made yesterday - with 2'' squares left over from the fabric I used on the front, making a border.I used duck tape to stick down the back, used Quilters Dream Poly Deluxe in the middle, and then got the top pinned on and looking nice and flat, though it was a bit tricky as I had to match it up with the pattern on the quilt back (I did it by sticking a pin through the top and making sure it came out in the right place on the backing.)
Hint: Have some 'Sticky Stuff Remover' for your floor, after you've taken off the duck tape!Also, I was happy to get two new feet for my sewing machine in the post today. I'd been worried I wouldn't be able to get them for my machine because it's a good 10 years old and not very fancy. I spoke to Toyota directly, and they were able to supply me with a walking foot, and darning foot, and at really good prices. So I had a go at the squiggly pattern I like, and sewing in the ditch - my first ever actual quilting!! It seemed to work out OK...


  1. Looks fab Helen, I'll be calling on you for some advice...

  2. Yeah, looks great! I've never taken a class on quilting, have just gone at it! Haha. That is great about obtaining the feet also. I never knew Toyota made sewing machines but their trucks are great - I'm on my second.

    My sewing machine was a Morse and I blew it up making curtains for my sliding glass patio door so I moved on to a Brother about five years ago. It's nice just seems slow after the other one.

  3. I LOVE these quilts! Very pretty colors and your quilting is fabulous! Great job! Oh, and your dad's birthday card is really fun! Thanks for visiting my blog! Amber

  4. Instead of duct tape, I use the blue painters tape. It holds the fabric down well, but is easily removed and doesn't leave stickies.