Sunday, 30 August 2015

Pop It Ups Chicken Coop Tent Card Tutorial

I had a great time making this tent card using dies from Karen Burniston - I've never made a tent card before, but I love the design of them!

For the pieces, I used the Accordion Oval die set to cut a singe panel, then cut two more plain pieces of card stock to the same size (not including the flap part of the accordion panel).

One of the plain pieces I folded in half lengthways, then folded over the two outer long edges by about 1cm. I also cut out two chickens, and two lots of chicken wire (links to all the die sets are at the bottom of the post.)

I glued together the two chicken wire pieces, and glued them to the back of the oval accordion panel (which I stamped with a woodgrain Stampin' Up stamp).
I then glued one of the folded up edges of the folded plain piece of cardstock, to the back of the oval accordion panel, as shown below.
Next I hand cut a little branch for one of my chickens to sit on, and tied a piece of twine to each end of it. I made holes in the flap of the accordion panel, for the ends of the twine to go through.

I stuck one of my assembled chickens onto the branch, but realised it wouldn't stay upright (being top heavy), so I attached a strip of clear acetate to the back of the chicken, and stuck it to the flap of the accordion panel directly above it. (I snipped through the flap either side of the acetate strip, so that the strip could hang straight down.)

I then stamped one side of the remaining plain piece of cardstock, and attached it to the flap of the accordion panel at the top (trapping in and hiding the tops of the twine), and to the folded base piece at the bottom. (I made the flap of the base piece go on the outside of the back panel, so that it couldn't be seen from the front of the card.)

I then typed the sentiment and printed it off, cutting out the top part with a Stampin' Up speech bubble die.
I added my other chicken, and stuck the sentiments on with foam pads.
As you can see below, the card folds down completely flat.

 I hope you like it!! It was pretty simple to make, and great fun!

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  1. Wow! This is so awesome! Thank you for sharing this! Can't wait to try this technique!

  2. This is adorable! And, what a great technique/card shape!! Thank you for sharing it with us and giving us inspiration! ~ Donna