Friday, 30 January 2015

Lined Pencil Case #2

My sewing machine has been at the repairers since last October (a spare part was out of stock), and I finally got it back last week! I promised my daughter I'd make her a pencil case, so here it is. She  liked the one I made for myself a couple of years back, so I made hers in a similar fabric. (They are from the Ruby Star Shining line by Melody Miller.)

I used the tutorial which I wrote back when I made my own pencil case. I'd forgotten what to do, and I'm glad to report I could follow my tutorial with ease! 

It is lined with one of my favourite ever fabrics, from Amy Butler.

Our pencil cases together!

Something else I also made yesterday was this little door-stop thing, with elastic loops to fit round the door handles. Our bedroom door keeps gently banging the door frame when there's a breeze, and so my husband leaves a sock on the floor in the gap. I decided this would be a slightly prettier alternative!

It matches my quilt!

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