Friday, 7 June 2013

3-D Label Pop 'n Cuts 1st Birthday card

My brother's little girl is 1 next week, so I made this card for her - all pink and sparkly. (I've been going round with glittery bits stuck to my face and arms this afternoon...) We had some great news last week too whilst on holiday - my other brother's wife is expecting twins! Eeeeeek!
I used the '3-D Label Window' Pop 'n Cuts insert from Karen Burniston's new Journey Collection, and also her 'Butterflies & Labels' Bigz die for the layers which fit inside the floating labels.
I also used 'Bigz Alphabet Typeset' for the '1', Cuttlebug 'Olivia' for 'Heidi', and Sizzix Originals 'Balloons #1' for the larger balloon. The papers are from K&Co 'Sparkly Sweet'.
I mentioned that Jeanette had sent me some lovely crafty bits from Canada, including these fabulous large sequins which I added to decorate the patterned paper. She sent such a gorgeous selection of colours.
 I love how a card front is created, as the large label swings round when the card closes.


  1. This is so sweet! What a perfect card for a special little girl.
    Cheers, Karen

  2. Hi, Helen. I discovered you on Pinterest because I just recently received the 3D album and bracket/label die. Today I tried to make my first card and was so excited with the result!
    I have two pop 'n cut dies (label and flowers) ordered and they should be here any day. However, I do not own the base unit yet. What can I do in the interim?
    I use a Cuttlebug and I have the 2 extra long plates. I saw that you used the magnetic movers and shapers tray to move the magnetic insert dies around. Can I look for one of those instead of purchasing the base plate at this time? Any suggestions would be appreciated!
    Love your cards!

    1. Hi Kren,
      I just had a play with a couple of the inserts in the magnetic base die, and they work OK it in (though I had to use a shim - an extra piece of cardboard on the outside of the cutting pads, with a couple of them, so that they would cut through cleanly.) You have to cut the rest of the card shape out yourself, and put the folds in yourself. I think the base tray would do you fine in the mean time, but that you will probably want to get one of the Pop 'n Cuts base dies at some point, because of how easy they make it to do the inside and outside card layers, and have them line up well with each other. I'm afraid I don't know much about using them with a Cuttlebug though.
      Hope that helps anyway! Thanks so much! I'm sure you'll have tonnes of fun with Pop 'n Cuts!
      Helen x

    2. Kren, I'm going to echo Helen's answer. You will be able to cut your Pop 'n Cuts inserts in the magnetic base tray as long as you're willing to find the center and cut your outer card yourself. I've done a video on how to do this here:

      Eventually you will probably want a Pop 'n Cuts Base for the convenience of having the outer card cut at the same time and the pop-up being perfectly centered. You have three choices of PNC Base - 657802 (A2 card with rounded corners), 658378 (Square card with decorative edge like Helen used on this card), or Stampin' Up! exclusive 130099 (A2 with decorative edge and tuck slots)

      HTH, Karen

  3. Hi Helen, your pop-up cards are so wonderful. Have a good weekend.

  4. What a beautiful girlie card! Love it!

  5. Never stop making these brilliant cards, Helen! *swoon* And as a mother of twins I am thrilled for your brother and sister-in-law. The best advice I can give in those early months is just to keep them on the same schedule - if one wakes up hungry go ahead and wake up the twin. It's the only way to keep your sanity and get occasional sleep! Congratulations, proud Auntie!

    1. Thanks Karen - I will pass on the advice!