Sunday, 14 April 2013

Pop 'n Cuts Owl Card... Pirate version!

 I really enjoyed making the Owl card a couple of days ago - it just came together so quickly. I wanted to have a go at another one... and the idea of a Pirate Owl has been brewing (no idea where that came from!!), so here it is.
Again, using Karen Burniston's Pop 'n Cuts Base die, Sizzix Owl #2, Movers and Shapers Ovals (smallest one, for the tummy), Ancient Documents die, and Karen's Flagpole with Lantern and Sign die, for the handle of the flag. 
I used an old map for the background paper (my brother rescued hundreds of maps from a University Geology department which was closing one time - or something like that, so I have a stash of them), an Imaginisce stamp for the compass, and I hand cut the gold earring.
The Skull and Cross bones, and sentiment, I just printed from my computer.
I made the eye patch and waves using a circle punch.
I wanted to imitate a stripey pirate T-shirt for the owl's tummy, so cut strips of red satin fabric and glued them onto white card, before cutting out the oval.
Thoroughly enjoyed myself, and once again it came together really quickly. (I actually made it in between preparing our roast dinner this evening!)

I was also really happy to be included in Karen Burniston's latest 'Pop[up] Spotted: Accordion Album Inspiration' post on her blog, recently. There are lots of lovely ideas of how to use her great Accordion die.


  1. eeeeks! This is adorable! :)

  2. How did I miss this?! Squeeee! It's so awesome!!!

  3. When the card is closed, the owl's ears and the flag stick out. Does anyone care about elements sticking out when the card is closed?
    I am making a similar card for St. Patrick's Day and some elements stick out, so I am wondering if this is considered a big mistake. Thx

    1. Hi Barbara, I personally don't mind at all when things stick out - I figure the cards are hand-made and pretty unique, so it's not a big deal! (I suppose some people will prefer everything to be neat and hidden away though.) I often make my own envelopes when I have a one-of-a-kind card, so that they fit perfectly, and so that I can make them from thicker paper so that they support any hanging out elements better.
      Helen x