Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Time to start a new quilt

The last few weeks have been a bit intensive - Lucy our 14 year old was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes the day before she was due to start back at school, on 3rd September. It was very sudden, and she was not really ill at all, we just were lucky to spot the signs early. She was in hospital for a couple of days, then back to school again the day after, and has done all her injections herself from the very first one. There's been a very steep learning curve going on in our home, and adjustments to be made, but I think we are doing OK.
I really felt the need to make something last week though, and so started this very simple quilt - just some 9 patch blocks with wonky star bits added to 4 of the squares. I cut all the bits out for 12 blocks, and will sash it in off-white. I used some old Tanya Whelan fabric that I have had stashed away for ages.

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  1. Helen
    I hope Lucy is okay now. It is a big change for her and for you all.