Wednesday, 14 March 2012

More Pink Cupcakes and a New Stand

Tom had a friend over last night, and they asked if they could decorate cupcakes, so I made up a batch, and we all decorated some. I wanted to get pictures of the kids' ones (which ranged from pure black with orange stars, a French flag, a Scottish flag and some big fat fondant icing boulders) - only the kids took great delight in shoving them in their mouths before I could get my camera.
Here are mine anyway. I got to try out my new lattice embosser, and silicone brooch mould (both bought on ebay). I put on soft decorative balls, because I can't stand eating hard crunchy ones, especially when there are lots on each cupcake.
 These are my favourite! I love making the little rosebuds - using a star cutter for the little leaves.

 This is my new cake stand (also bought on ebay). I like that you can use as many layers as you need, it packs away flat, and you can fit between 25 and 52 cupcakes on it, and also see through each layer to the cupcakes below.


  1. These are the sweetest cupcakes!! I so enjoy stopping by your blog and looking at the beautiful cupcakes you make. My favorites (hard to choose) are the daisy (love the sparkle) and the rosebuds are just so precious!!! I have a fondness for flowers.

  2. Helen, why aren't you really fat?!! I think you make more cakes than anyone I know (other than possibly Mallory!)...

  3. I so want a cupcake right now!!!!