Thursday, 2 February 2012


We have been having a bit of a change around in our house recently, and I now have a dedicated sewing space! When I started quilting, I worked at a plastic fold-out table, which I handed over to my husband last year when he started teaching an early morning Skype class for teenagers from church.
We got rid of our old computer at the weekend (Laptops only now!), so Scott can now have that space for preparing his lessons, and I have pinched my oldest son's desk!
It's been nice getting a bit more sorted out. 
My cottons before...
 ...and after! 
I bought this thread storage rack on ebay yesterday, and it arrived today...
Cannot resist rainbow organisation.
This used to be my desk when I was a teenager - it's an old teachers' desk, complete with little sliding door for an inkwell (ideal for the wire for the treddle!) It brings back memories to be using it myself again!
 My favourite books are now in reach.
 And I truly am working out of my dining room drawers!

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