Saturday, 11 February 2012

Cupcakes and The Cupcake Courier

I had a fun (and very messy) day yesterday making cupcakes, for refreshments for my book club meeting last night.
Here are a few that were left over this morning!
I should also mention that I got the polka dot and stitched textures on my cupcake tops by rolling icing onto embossing folders (- designed for using with cardboard in die cutting machines, for card making). These only cost about £3.50 each, rather than buying expensive textured rolling pins. I buy embossing folders from here.
Also in the post today I took delivery of a 'Cupcake Courier'. It's fantastic!! A great alternative to carrying loads of old 'Celebrations' tubs with only a few cupcakes in each. This holds 36, and my younger boys and I had a good time swinging the case around to test how much of a bashing the cupcakes can take without being damaged. (The answer is quite a lot... you have to virtually turn the whole thing upside down to do any damage.) I got it from here.
 I was also pleased with the depth between each layer - you can have the icing quite tall and it will still fit in. (Approx. 6cm in total from the bottom of the cupcake.)
 And a nice big chunky, airtight lid.

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  1. lovely cupcakes! Thanks for the tip about the embossing folders!