Saturday, 8 January 2011

Aviary Quilt Finished

I finally got round to finishing the Aviary fabric quilt, which I pieced together last summer in France.
I added on a border in Kona Snow, and then did simple quilting in the ditch for the main piece. I don't think I like quilting on the bias, because the quilt seems to come out a bit 'puffier' than when I am quilting normally.
I couldn't really decide what quilting to do in the border, but came up with this scallop & lines pattern. The resulting quilt is quite old fashioned looking I think, and I'm not sure if I 100% love it yet. I rounded off the corners too (using another dish!), and cut my binding fabric on the bias, so it would stretch nicely round.
It's the largest quilt I've done - an English double bed sized.Ready for trimming, and binding.


  1. I love the both colours and the quilting. The binding also sets it off nicely. What a great quilt to have on your bed!!

  2. gorgeous Helen - to do the lots of little pics thing - go to picnik - you only need to sign up for the free stuff if you want. For lots of little pics you will probably need to subscribe but I think it only works out £2 a month. It's so easy xx

  3. I love it!! Love the border idea too.

  4. What a pretty've done a great job and the quilting looks amazing!