Saturday, 20 November 2010

More Bunting & A New Machine!

My brother and sis-in-law bought a new house a while ago, and my niece's room has a bright red carpet, which they won't be changing for a while, so I made some bunting to match it, and tie in some softer shades at the same time. I sent it as a present in a muslin bag which I embellished.
I did my little craft stall last week too (forgot to take any pictures...) I didn't get round to making lots of things for it, but made well over £100, and had a few other orders. I was quite happy with that, and enjoyed myself!
Also last week, my old sewing machine sewed it's last stitch, and I bought a Husqvarna 850. Haven't had much time to make anything with it yet, but I can already tell it is sewing in a whole new league!


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  2. How cute! And congrats on the new machine!