Monday, 25 October 2010

Fab 5, and some other bits...

Just had a nice surprise, and seen that I am in the Fab 5 over at 2 Sketches 4 You! (a card making challenge blog.) It was for my pink & blue Christmas card.

I have been having fun making little odds and ends for the stall I've been asked to do, in November.
A little bag with an applique house. (I was trying out a new way of appliqueing - where you make a kind of pillow with the shapes and a backing lining, then slit the lining and turn it right-way-out, before hand sewing the shape into place.) I've also been making Wheat Pillows (that you heat up in a microwave and use like a hot water bottle.) I sew some whole wheat into a lining, then make a cover with a velcro fastening.
I'm waiting for some lavender to arrive (from eBay) before I make any more, so I can do wheat and lavender bags. I'll have to experiment a bit with the quantities.
While I was sewing today, Harry asked me to make him a boat. Not the neatest-ly sewn thing in the world, but to his design, and he is very happy with it. I've made plenty more things - will have to take more pics sometime.

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