Wednesday, 8 September 2010

My Aviary Quilt making progress

I finished piecing my Aviary quilt this morning (can you tell that I have finally got round to having a play with photoshop too?!) This is what I started in France before my sewing machine needle broke. I loved the Aviary range of fabric when I first saw it, but could only get hold of a couple of packs of pre-cut triangles in this country, so I decided just to do this simple design. It is alternated with Kona Snow fabric. I'm quite pleased that all the points and corners matched up quite well. I did some careful pinning before sewing seams, and it all went together very easily. I am wondering now if I should put a border of Kona Snow round the outsides, before finishing it. I'm also not sure how I should quilt it. Any ideas? I have got hold of some of the pink fabric to make the binding with.
I also realised that I have never posted a picture of Lucy's quilt in full...

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  1. Beautiful quilts! You have inspired me to give quilting a go and make one for my daughter but first I have to finsh my Christmas sewing; Santa Sacks for the kids, Advent Calendars, Christmas presents for the child care teachers and the list goes on.... Thanks for the lovely blog. It gives me hope and inspiration! Rebecca