Thursday, 13 May 2010

The Ugly Quilt is Finished

I finished off the binding on the Ugly Quilt when the kids got back from school this afternoon. I backed it with a kind of fleecy/almost faux-fur stuff, and it was a nightmare to sew with - it stretched, and made all the quilting sort of puffy. The up-side is that it is gorgeously, wonderfully soft, and Tom loves it and is adopting it. Here are Tom and Harry (watching something very engrossing!), snuggled up in it.
It's safe to say that I won't be making another true scraps quilt - sewing with chenille, suede, satins and fabrics that fray ridiculously, wasn't that much fun! (I also appliqued two hearts on, to hide two bits I managed to melt!) At least now I feel more justified in buying new fabrics!


  1. Actually I don't think it is that ugly..boyish yes, ugly no...good for you for completing it...
    blessings ms

  2. Your ugly quilt is really nice! :) Seems very cosy :) Have a great time shopping new fabric :)

  3. I love it - it's not ugly at all xx