Sunday, 9 May 2010

I am finally getting sorted out after returning from America - the first week I had horrible jetlag and then last week I totally did my back in and couldn't do anything much.
Yesterday I finished off the ugly quilt and pinned it, so it is ready for quilting now, and I sorted out the material I bought back from the States.
And here are two new books that I got for my birthday last week... lovely, lovely, lovely!! I have to say I was a bit disappointed that I didn't find more beautiful fabrics while I was on holiday. I think I should have done my research better and gone to the right shops. I did visit one really nice one with all my favourite lines of material, but it was pretty pricey, and no cheaper than buying things online and having them imported.
I did find a sale of Kona Solids though, so bought a few.
Some fabrics more suited to my boys, than those I am usually attracted to.
More sale items.
And a few other fabrics that I have no plans for as yet, but just liked, including a fabulous little town print, all in black, white and red (2nd from bottom) which Eve, the woman who kindly housed us while we were volcano stranded in NY, gave to me.

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