Wednesday, 17 February 2010

A new quilt & some embroidery

I wanted to make a bright wonky squares quilt (don't know if there is a more technical name?) These are the squares I've done so far last night and this morning. They look a bit wrinkly here for some reason - they are OK in real life.
I'm a bit nervous about turning up at my second ever quilting class (next week), and telling them I have started 3 quilts and a pillow already... but a square a month would just be too horribly, painfully slow!! I couldn't find any instructions for a wonky style squares quilt, so I just did this:
I started off with a central piece, then added on strips round the edge. (I cut uneven width strips from my fabric for the wonky effect.)I didn't measure anything, just made sure I added onto a perfectly straight edge each time:Making sure the outer edges are straight, and adding some more wonkiness:
Adding more wonky pieces, making a rough square each time:
I placed the square in progress over a completed square, just to check it is roughly the right size:I added the last frame, and then cut it down to a perfect square.
My 'temporary' quilting corner of the dining room... (dismal day outside)
I want to 'write' something on each quilt/pillow I make - here is the little rhyme I made up for my son Jack's pillow. I want to sew it into a strip made up of all the fabrics I used on the pillow front, and embed it across the back of the pillow case. (I found this 'Prym Aqua-Trickmarker' pen in Dunelm yesterday - like felt-tip, but disappears with water.)(I can't tell you how much I am enjoying this!)


  1. omgoodness! you are unbelievably creative! seriously awesome quilt... i love that wonky square idea, and your handwriting is amazing.

  2. Hey guess what-I went to a quilting class here too but trust me to turn up the month it's by hand! Anyway I can tell you a cheat for wonky squares. Lay your squares on top of each other making sure they are exactly lined up (can't imagine you would settle for anything less!) Then using your ruler and rotary cutter cut through all the layers at the angle you want. You then take one of the pieces from the top off and sew it to the other price on the bottom. You then sew all the other pieces together, press the seam etc. You then put them on top of each other again and repeat the process as many times as you want. Hope that makes sense-I did just copy it out of my book but I do have pictures. Good luck

  3. Your wonky squares are great - it will make a fabulous quilt. I think your classmates will be impressed with your "go for it" attitude. 1 square a month just wouldn't be enough for me, either. Have fun