Friday, 19 February 2010

Needle case, Embroidery and Quilt top

We have had to wait in all day for a delivery today, so there has been plenty of time for some crafting, as well as jobs!
A nice little 10 minute project that I have been meaning to do for a while - a needle case. (Our few needles have been stuck in a tatty piece of red cardboard for the past 14 years - my husband's Mum sent my husband off to uni with it, as part of a little sewing kit for him!)
I made a little pocket, put stiff acetate pieces in it to stiffen the covers, and sewed it shut, then added some felt. I like it!
I finished off the embroidery for Jack's pillow case back, the other day. I need to make my handwriting more regular next time I do this, because it's not quite as neat as I would like. Jack loves it though! I found some Amy Butler fabrics on Ebay the other day at quite a reasonable price, and they arrived today.Also today, the Kona Snow fabric that I have been waiting for arrived in the post, so I got to finish off the sashing on my quilt - I have finished my very first quilt top!!


  1. everything looks AMAZING! love your handwriting, and congrats on finishing your first quilt top! :D

  2. I can´t believe this is your first quilt is beautiful! I love the colours!

  3. I too think your handwriting is beautiful and Jack will love it more and more as time passes because it is YOUR handwriting.

    Awesome job on all the quilting. Keep up the good work and enjoy every moment.

  4. hi helen
    i've just found your blog - love your wonky blocks ( i'm in the middle of something similar!!)
    can i ask where you got your kona solids from?? lots of US blogs seem to use them but i can't find a UK supplier
    did you send to the US for them??


  5. Gill - sorry I tried to email you, but it didn't send. I got my Kona solids here:
    Yes - America I'm afraid!
    Helen x